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St Day FC - Is it true?

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Guest Tax-Dodging Saint

It is true, i am leaving St Day for pastures new in the form of Penzance FC. After 8 seasons at the Saints i feel it is time for me to try and play at a higher standard and see if i can cut the mustard so to speak. I wish St Day all the best for the coming season and i hope Andy Tasker will continue to push the club forward. I suppose now i will have to change my user name but after many happy times and good friends made at St Day i won't be far away, so if you see me up the clubhouse don't start any rumours!

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Guest St Bob

Stu, all the very best. Cutting the mustard won't be a problem, give it your best shot and the mighty St Day will see you on your way back down when your old and grey "o ginger one".

"Once a saint always a saint"

TDS could change to Tax paying Pirate! what do you think?

Love and best wishes Bob and Jan ######

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