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Newquay 1sts tonight

Guest Dermot

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I'm shit at match reports but, I think the first half was very scrappy. Newquay where 3-0 up by half time. the 2nd half Perran held thier own very well, and I think played better football then Newquay. Newquay are looking alot better now and if they keep playing like they did tonight will do well in the new league. Well done to both teams :clapper:

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Another lot of changes made from the game last saturday and it showed. Some players missing/unavailable and I don't think we have yet to see our strongest 11 on the pitch at the same time. Obviously, selections will be down to Andy & Jim to decide, but for my money, a lot of the younger lads will be easing the some of the older guys out sooner rather than later. Competition for the frontline will be hot with Rickard, Cox, Dingle, Rushton and Hawkey all looking good - maybe Nanks will feature but not seen him at any pre-season match yet. In midfield, we have the tough tackling Middleton bossing things and hopefully Elmo will return soon to bolster the defence.

The first few matches against former SWL sides will give us a clue as to how the season will go but we are hopeful that we can shake off the also-rans mantra. The problems with the club are not the players or supporters/members, only a radical shake up behind the scenes will bring everyone at Mount Wise together, perhaps it's time the fat lady started to excerise her vocal chords !

Good result last night for the Peppermints against a hard working Perranporth side. Newquay bossed the first half and Billy Holland could have set his deckchair up and rested against a post. I'm not sure Perran caused any major problems for the defence but we certainly took our foot off the gas in the 2nd half, something we cannot afford to do in the league.

Perran brought a small but noisy band of supporters with them, some banter exchanged in the main stand brightened up the evening (which is just as well as only half the floodlights were used and that was for the last 5mins). Those that did make the journey up the coast definately enjoyed themselves and were good humoured throughout (reminded me of the Newquay Loyal who travel) good show lads, have a good season.

Captain, I will catch up with you another time :drink:

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Judge, you seem to have forgotten the incident when Mark Tregenna easily rounded Mr Hollands in the Newquay goal before being tripped by the keepers out stretched leg ? and no penalty given by the Newquay ref (who incidently had a good game) If im correct that would have made the score 1-1. Funny what blinkers can do :huh:

Thought the game was played in good spirits and with Perran missing the services of Arquati, Ansell & young Jamie Hall I thought we coped well against your boys. It made for an enjoyable evening and it was nice to put a face to the name in the car park after the game !

Good luck for the season and you can be sure we'll look after Anita for you as you asked...

Funny didn't see hide nor hair of Mr Jolly last night ??? :angry:

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