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St.dennis 3-1Bodmin

Bodmin played us off the park first half getting a pen that never was but Billy Davis made a great great save & also pulled off another massive point blank stop,Bodmin lost there keeper to a dislocated pinky also before half time,After the break St Dennis went 1 up through some route one stuff & were comfortable only for Bodmin to get gifted another pen by the Bodmin based ref,this time the ever green Billy Davis was beaten from the spot only to see St Dennis have a pen appeal turned down for a great two handed save by the Bodmin right back,not much longer before St Dennis got a very dodgey pen to make up for the refs previous mistakes which Neil 'muffer' Dudley put away & he also knocked in a 40 yard free kick before much longer,happy days.regards to Bodmins Kev Kingdom who had to go off with a nasty looking broken snout !

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yeah, would like to wish a speedy recovery to both clarkie and Kev Kingdom as unfortunately I was the player involved in both injuries, both total accidents, but felt terrible as you dont expect to get injured like that in vets football. Sorry Chaps!! If there is and justice at least you didnt have to hear Billy going on about his penalty save all night!!!

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