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Thought I would share this one with you as I have banned goosefish for a 60 day period .....firstly the "complaint"


Dear Dave

I am sure I am not the only one to be frustrated by some of the personal insults be posted on this forum!

I find it rather sad that one cannot make an opinion, without the likes of GOOSEFISH making personal insults.

Surely this forum exists for personal opinions and views of local football!

I know i am not the only contributor who is getting sick and tired of certain contributors on the forum. In fact I have had conversations with people who are avoiding the forum, as they are tired of reading either "childish" comments or insults.

Your comments would be appreciated.

****** *****

Then my rather long winded reply ......

Dear Sir

Sorry for the delay in replying, I've been out for most of the evening, but thought I had better respond as requested.

Many apologies on behalf of the Forum for you even having to write to me.

When I saw the thread earlier, I did think to myself that goose fish was out of order, but you replied and sometimes it's difficult, without knowing the individuals, whether to intervene or assume that it is banter between those contributing to the subject.

Sometimes I do go in and edit posts to avoid conflict.

On receiving your complaint, I have taken it upon myself to ban goosefish for 60 days. This is only the second time, I think, that I have done this. I am fairly tolerant, but perhaps the time has come to clamp down harder. The difficulty is to not overreact and start to ban people too readily. Sometimes as well, things that start off as humour, a throwaway remark perhaps, gets taken the wrong way, or possibly misunderstood, and the whole thing backfires and transpires into a host of irrelevant postings.

We try and keep things going, to not interfere, and I think in general, bearing in mind we cannot and should not have to police the forum full time, considering the number of posts, I don't think we have too many problems. Sometimes too, I feel people should have thicker skins and not retaliate but debate back in a sensible, non confrontational manner.

However, i also accept that sometimes people step over the mark. This time, goosefish has possibly done so and hence the ban.

Perhaps we do need to change our policy slightly. Overall though its as much down to the contributors to use common sense and respect others in the way they would want to be themselves.

I hope you are in agreement with the "punishment" on this occasion. And hopefully this unfortunate experience will not stop you from writing and adding your opinions on Cornish football.

All the best

Dave Deacon

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I fully back Dave up on this stance. Seriously, the forum is run to be fun and informative not a place to be abusive.

Me and Dave obviously work for a living and cannot check posts 24 hours a day. So if you do see a post that you believe over steps the mark, flag it up by click on the Report button at the bottom of the post and we can review it.

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Ive been reading through the SALTASH v ST AUSTELL topic and im asuming that 'goosefish' has been banned for calling a forum member a "MUPPET"

There has been alot worse than that used on this forum and members involved have not been banned.

Dont get me wrong, im all against insulting behaviour on this forum but whats been said here doesnt touch the sides on some of the things thats been said on here. Sometimes you just gota man up and ignore some of the comments posted.

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Posted · Hidden by Dave Deacon, May 3, 2012 - No reason given
Hidden by Dave Deacon, May 3, 2012 - No reason given

I wish I could man up sometimes I hate people calling me fatty hardbuckle pants . I'm 21 stone and eat my trifle from a goonhilly sattelite dish but people won't let it go! if it's true that this chap was being called muppet !!!!!!!!!! I probably would never come on here again:(:(:( SHame on the naughty ones? gotta go Rappo wants a Lino for Sunday , I don't want to do it I'm just waiting to contact who does to see if he's going to eat his after match pasty.mmmmmmmmm

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