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new manager required

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Helston Athletic intend to enter another team into the Trelawney League for the season 2012/13 and so require a manager/management team to lead it. They team will hopefully utilise the youth that is already within the club together with some suitable wise older heads with a view of maing them ready to progress thru the leagues and the ranks at Helston.

Anyone wanting further info or wanting to apply can PM me in the first instance.

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Where should i send my CV? After guiding yeovil town to the premier league on football manager 2011 i think i am adequately skilled for this vaccant job position. I hope my loyalties to Wendron faithful wont be a stumbling block.

Oh you are a one.........!!!!

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On a serious note, this is just what Helston need. A real step in the right direction and very important if they are wanting promotion next seasn to the SWP League and if their seconds carry on the way they are. You always need those players to step up and it is vital that Helston get that. Definitely a club going in the right direction and a town the size of Helston needs more teams. Hope it is used in the right way to keep the youngsters involved and prepare them for the higher leagues. Just make sure you don't poach any Dron boys (apart from Wendron's top boi, you can have him).

Hope it works out, as I know in the past they struggled to keep a third team, but should be know problem this time round.

PS. Took Wrexham to the Premiership title.

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