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Has anyone read or seen the latest news. Last time it cocked up the ECL so lets hope they contain it before the season starts in earnest

Foot and mouth disease found in cattle on farm

03/08/2007 22:00

LONDON (Reuters) - Foot and mouth disease has been found in cattle on a farm in Surrey, the government said on Friday as it shut down livestock movements to stop a repeat of a 2001 outbreak that led to millions of animals’ deaths

The agriculture department, Defra, said movements of pigs and ruminant animals such as cows and sheep had been banned nationwide and a 10-km (six-mile) surveillance zone had been placed around the farm near Guildford, close to London.

All cattle on the farm will be culled, it said in a statement.

The disease causes high fevers and blisters in cloven-hoofed animals and can often lead to death. The disease can be contracted by cattle, pigs, sheep and goats, but very rarely by people.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown took part by telephone in an emergency meeting of officials on Friday evening from Dorset, where he began a holiday on Friday.

He will cut short his break in Dorset and return to London on Saturday to chair another meeting of the emergency committee, COBRA, a spokeswoman said.

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Soon as I find any more information out then I'll let you know!!

I might be called into the office later on, depends whats going on. Loads of tracings need to be done on movement of livestock. Probably won't be as bad as last time cos the government (we) have acted alot quicker this time round.

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Cornish Teddy Boy,

Whilst this latest out break is causing concern, at the moment there is only a nation wide ban on the movement of animals,

Sport is not at this moment afected, although the area around the out break could be restricted,

also Surrey has a very small amount of animals compared, with other Counties, it is mostly a crop crowing County,

& all of the animals on this particular Farm are being destroyed, so hopfully the out break will be contained,

before you ask the Question on how I know so much I am a farmers Son,

I hope that I have been of some help to anyone who is concerned,

Hammers :c: :c:

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