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illogan vs nanpean

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How are Illogan shaping up for the new season ?

They come to play at Newquay on the opening day and I was dissapointed to read on here that half the title winning squad have moved on.

Do you consider yourselves in good shape to defend your title ? Can my lads expect a real test on 18th August ?

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Guest Illogan No.1

Good game last night. Thought Nanpean were a good side and played some nice football. Good luck for the season lads!!

As for us, unfortunately we have lost a couple of players, but i think we have a good enough side to do well in the combonation league. A good mix of bright young players and a few older more experienced lads. A few new faces too which is always nice to see.

Home to Millbrook on Saturday which will be a good test against higher opposition.

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I'm sure Illogan will do alright this season,good result against Nanpean who are a decent outfit from

the east.

A question for prazeno8 - Have you made your mind up,is it gonna be Illogan combo or Storm.?

Because I bought a grow bag from b&q to try & gain a few inches for when we play against each other.

But if your playing combo - I wont need to plant myself.

Either way good luck to all next season. :thumbsup:

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