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Kits for Uganda

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Hi All, sorry for the long delay between your donating the kits and my actually going out to Uganda but this was beyond my control. Due to restrictions on baggage we couldn't take all the kits but if anyone wants some photos, they can send me an e-mail and I'll try to e-mail some photos of the ones which we did manage to carry. E-mail :- kelly@marazion33.freeserve.co.uk Where the kits were incomplete we made up netball kits for the girls.

All the children were so happy to be given some kit as, usually, they have to play in their day to day clothes !! They very rarely wear shoes and none of them have boots. Even after many years of watching them play I can't help but wince when I see them take a goal kick bare footed !!

I'm hoping to go again in March of next year so will be able to take the kits I have left here then.

A big thank you to all who responded to my request for kits and therefore helped to make the kids life just that little bit better.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone-----------------------Mike.

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Hi Davros and thanks. Yes I can find a good home for any spare kit but need them to be complete i.e. at least 10 shirts/shorts plus a goalie shirt/shorts ( any odd un-numbered shirt would be O.K. for a goalie shirt. I live at Marazion and could pick them up if you e-mail me with contact details. E-mail :- kelly@marazion33.freeserve.co.uk

Thanks, Mike.

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