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Troon in trouble?


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I can confirm that Troon AFC are in financial ruin, the club are in desperate need of sponsors for a new 25,000 seated multi million pound stadium, if, and they realise it is a big if, they get this, the club can then host the thousands of local fans that flock to Grouter Park each weekend, the capacity is currently only 279, so many are having to be turned away due to health and safety reasons.

On top of this, since the recent loss of 3rd team keeper Greg “moley” manley-wells the club has not been the same, his leadership, commitment and passion for the game was second to none, the club is now running on thin air, not only low on cash, but no leader to take the club forward since his departure.

The club is considering our options, if the club raises enough money for the stadium, we can then start to rake in the money, charging £2 per person for Combo game will get the club £50,000 for each home game, with a sell out inevitable.

So the bottom line is, if you know of anyone wishing to help this club out, please contact the club at the earliest opportunity, or else you could see an end to this fantastic local club...........

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