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Bad weather


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League Policy

An increasing number of 3G playing surfaces are available for clubs to use during inclement weather. To avoid any confusion it was agreed at the League Management Meeting on 8th September that the following guidelines shall apply for season 2011/12.

1. No team shall be compelled to play on an artificial surface.

2. If the home club in any fixture wishes to use a 3G playing surface they must inform their opponents no later than mid-day of the day preceding the match.

3. If an agreement cannot be struck between the clubs to play on the artificial surface the match will be re-scheduled.

Author: Steve Carpenter

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happy with the pitch, but not a 1 o,clock kick off. Not gulvals doing,just have a few working satuday morning.

From what im told there is/was an option to play the game normal time. not having a dig rhonnda just be great to play as with this weather can see a lot of football being called off over the festive period. Totally understand that people work on saturday mornings.

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Percy Stephens Cup

Holman Sports Club v Stithians

Match Off - Ground Very Wet and will cut up and resemble the Somme if played on.....plus its the youth team pitch and I would be on pain of death if we trashed it. Holmans Main Pitch still playable so the Combination League Fixture against Hayle barring any natural disasters flooding, lightning, plague of locusts!! Should still go ahead!!

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