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Not long now for the always much anticipated game between St Austell and St Blazey.

Always a great fixture that generates a healthy crowd.

Perhaps for the first time in a long time St Austell are expected to win. But I remember playing and beating a strong St Blazey team 3.1 a few years ago when St Austell were bottom.

Get down to Blaize park its an 11.00 am KO.

Money Man

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If there's one bleeding game St.Blazey are likely to win before the end of the season it'll probably to be against us!

If we go out with the right attitude then it should be a rare victory for the lillywhites at Blaise Park but you can be sure they'll be up for it.

Let's just hope it doesn't fall foul to the weather like last season's game at Poltair did - especially as it looks likely it's the only game i'll be able to get to between now and February!

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