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The Things I Love About St Blazey

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Time for peace to break out and a bit of love spreading . Let's sit down cross legged on the floor,enjoy an exotic cigarette and possibly even switch on a lava lamp while we think about the things we love about St Balzy football club .

1 . One of the best pints in the league .Tribute well served and at a decent social club price .

2 . Decent ground to watch the game at . Lovely raised view on the bank behind the dug outs .

3 The Eden Project Stand . Anything to do with the Eden Project is fine by me .

4 .The St.Blazey Gates . Feels like a proper football club when you go through that beautiful , vintage ironwork .

5 PA Announcements . The PA being used to relay a warning that the pasties are close to running out . That is as close to the heart of non-league football as you could wish to get .

6 The Betting shop across the road . Cramped and smokie with the curtain across the door . Gives a lovely illicit feeling to losing your money .

7 Bobby Oaten . Might not really know what he is doing , but looks like the uncle you always wished you had .

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... while we think about the things we love about St Balzy football club...

Balzy is the right word I think.

I'd like to add the rich variety of pre-match and half time interval music - nothing gets the blood pumping more than ABBA's Greatest Hits - "Fernando" or "Money money money" (which seems more like a taunt with each passing week).

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