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Think that many clubs have the same problem my friend...Bloody cricket means that we don't have a pitch :angry2: ...Wouldn't mind if they were actually playing BUT most of it is being rained off and it's a stupid game anyway.Why don't they just step aside and let us football players take to the pitch and play a real sport. Don't get me wrong, I stand around and watch most of the game whilst I'm on the pitch BUT they do it for bloody hours.Whats the point in that?. I'm dying to play footy and the fact that I have to miss my clubs friendly up at Plymouth Parkway is gutting.Why couldn't we just play them down here and then i'd be able to play...Oh, we don't have a pitch because of bloody cricket. I just want to play footy for gods-sake.

Gaffer, I hope you find a game buddy because i really feel your pain my friend :(

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So you like cricket then coopsie :clapper:

Love it Anita, Great game :unsure::wacko: .. I've nothing at all against the sport or the people that play it but if ever there was a reason for more rain, look no further than the fact that the game (can't call it a sport) of cricket would not be able to be played and therefore would cease to exist which would in effect be a victory for nature over mankind and surely a reason why we should indeed embrace global warming and stop trying to prevent it.

Yes i bloody hate cricket and seriously do not see the point in it at all. Why can't footballers get sandwiches,cake,biscuits,scones,jam&cream and a cup of tea at half time?.... Oh yes, I know why.

BECAUSE WE HAVE TO ACTUALLY BLOODY DO SOMETHING when we take part in our SPORT and need to actually move when we come back out after half time,(ok,i don't do much but that's not the point i'm trying to make)..

Right, I'm off to tesco to do some 24 hour shopping and buy a gross of aerosol containers to do my bit to help encourage global warming and i beg you all to do the same because you know what, I bloody hate cricket.

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cheers coopsie, the council will not let us play on the pitch yet as both goalmouth were relaid during june. 2 tonne of earth in each. they were in a bit of a state when u guys played us at home but are looking very good now. bit of a pain not playin on it but i suppose we will all benefit.

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