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Crazy match with Newtown FC yesterday in the Devon Premier Cup 4th Round.....Drew 5-5.....Game abandoned without playing the extra time.

Firstly the ref turned up 40 minutes late, cause he thought the game was off.

We were 4-0 up after 50 minutes, and coasting to victory.....so it would seem.....making Newtown look a poor side.

As soon as they pulled a goal back, we inexplicably fell apart and with ten minutes to go it was 4-4 (Parkway twice and Launceston at home all over again :unsure: )

Referee's second **** up came on the hour, when I went to put on Mike Cornew..... I'd put him on the team sheet, but the ref had failed to put him in his notebook and wouldn't let him on.....He then held up the game whilst he went back into his dressing room to check the team sheet before allowing me to make the substitution (this rebounded on us at the end).

Chris Bray restored our lead with 8 minutes to go only for Newtown to equalise in the added time the ref allowed for his faux pas mentioned earlier.

This goal should never have stood because although Will Westlake was blatently fouled making a clearance, the ref overuled our linesman stating that although our lino is qualified, because theirs wasn't, He (the ref) was only looking to the lino's for offsides, corners and throw ins and that all other decisions would be his and despite the fact that it may have been a foul (it definitely was) because he didn't have a perfectly clear view he gave the goal.....even their lad couldn't believe his luck and admitted afterwards it was a clear foul.

Having said that, we sould never have have been in that situation and on the balance of play at the time, Newtown were worthy of a draw.

With the light fading, due to the late kick off, both teams agreed that it would be impossible to get in 30 minutes of extra time (and possibly penalties) and so the ref had no option but to abandon the game at full time.

In truth, having played so well for 50 or so minutes Newtown should never have been in it but to be fair to them once they got a goal back for half an hour they took advantage of our sloppy play and battered us, especially from corners and free kicks with their aerial dominance at set pieces.

So, we'll have to do it all again next Saturday.....weather permitting.

Bere's scorers: Jason Cordice 2 (1 pen), Chris Bray 2 and Marcus Pethick.

One final note.....Newtown (who came down by minibus) were a great bunch of lads and after a few beers at the club and then a guided pub crawl of Tavistock will have a few sore heads this morning!

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