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Match of the Day - SWPL 1 West

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The battle of the top two in the Division kicks off at 3.00pm at Mount Wise Stadium this Saturday.

Newquay AFC v Vospers Oak Villa.

With Villa unhappy about the manner of the 2-3 defeat at Weston Mill (Goal not given for Vospers when ball MAY have been over the line, Water Bottle squirted at Linesman, Ref failing to give a stonewall Newquay Penalty), this is bound to be a heated match, should keep the crowd warm.

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I will be at this game tomorrow,quite looking forward to it. as for the goal that was never given ? that happens in football,and everyone will have a story to tell about officials missing or not giving the right decision. Lets hope its a good game of football, an the best team win on the day. thats all you can ask !

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Great picture Nemesis, it's certainly a different angle from the other picture shown earlier on this great forum which did show a nailed on goal, it proves that depending on where you "JUDGE" each decison from as a spectator or may i suggest a Referee then there will always be a disagreement. Good luck and that is what is needed in most games in every league for both Newquay and Vospers.

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