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Hi all, last week we talked about Pottsy being a Penryn legend making his 500th appearance,but also talking about legends could someone please tell me how many games has Nigel Brabynn played in senior football for Perranwell.Having played with and against Nigel he is a true gentleman will never hurt anyone or very rarely get booked.He is a manager's dream play anywhere and will do a good job no matter where played and would never moan if sub! He is still turning out for perran's 1st team now,YOU WON'T FIND 2 BETTER AND LOYAL PEOPLE THAN BAMBI AND POTTSY. :clapper: :clapper:

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I was chatting to Nigel about this last week. This is his 29th season playing senior football, and he missed one whole season through injury. The last 22 with Perran i think. Unfortunately he didn't know exactly but we were thinking it was probably about 800 if he had played 28/29 games for 28 seasons, so probably about 600 for Perran, and 200 for Truro.

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