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Games off tonight

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Why was the Blazey game called off so early?

Only had 10 players available so I am told and I play for the Second team!!!

What is going on !!!! The pitch is fine ....

'Our Time Now' your story doesn't stop changing, one minute you are a St Austell fan, then a 'just a local football fan, who doesn't support anyone ' and now your a St Blazeys 2nd team player, its funny how whenever there is an issue to do with St Blazey good old 'Our Time Now' is on the case, its getting a little bit transparent now

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Game was ON tonight.....

Devon St.Lukes Bowl 1st Rnd

Elmore 2 v 4 Elburton Villa

Scorers: Levi Landricombe 3, Tony Biddle

Elmore pitch now WRECKED!!!!!

Further report on SWPL site.....

What a result. Must admit surprised this game took place. Think they were due to use the pitch on Saturday for a Devon Cup game. Roll on next round

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