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Could someone from Pensilva please confirm why todays game with Lostwithiel was cancelled and why nobody from your club notified anyone from our club. The 16 or so of us who went today did enjoy a walk across the pitch, which was in excellent condition for the time of year and the bar steward in the club was very helpful. Many thanks, Bill.

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Dont think you can claim the points guys.

Same thing happened to our reserves on Saturday who went to Mevagissey only to find the game had been called off earlier that day.

We spoke with Keith Franks who wasn't aware the game had been postponed but it was only when we spoke to Mike Newcombe at 2 o'clock were we told it had been called off. To be fair Meva have said they had left messages on our reserve team managers phone which he says he didn't get, but the Duchy League stated earlier this season you cannot assume a club has got the message a game has been called off and the home club needed to speak with someone in person.

Mike Newcombe said we wouldn't be able to claim the points only apply to claim the petrol money travelling to Mevagissey. I assume it would be the same for you lads at Lostwithiel too unless there are different circumstances obviously.

Hope you get it sorted.

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Pensilva are top of their league so highly unlikely to just not turn up for a game compared to say a team languishing near the bottom. There must be a genuine reason or missunderstanding between the clubs. Nothing more frustrating though for lostwithiel. You look forward all week for footy, get there and the games off, too late in the day to organise anything else also!

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