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Torpoint vs Dobwalls OFF

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Called off at approx 4.00 pm, did it rain today in Torpoint before 4.00 p.m.? Admittedly it has rained since but surely you do not call matches off on the basis that the pitch may cut up later and possibly become unplayable. At 4.00 p.m. was there standing water and not possible to roll a football. I am only writing on a selfish basis as I was looking forward to a Friday night of football and was surprised to hear the game called off at 4.00 p.m.

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If games are called off on the basis that it might rain later then you're never going to get a game played.

I may be wrong but I thought the pitch has to be "dangerous" to call a game off, not just a bit wet underfoot.

And surely there must be a white-line product that doesn't wash away in the rain.

Perhaps there was another reason? Does anyone know if Torpoint had players unavailable, suspended or whatever?

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Graham, we were all looking forward to a game under the lights.

Argyle Fan, we have struggled with player availability all season due to injuries, suspensions, work etc. Last season we were lucky and had an injury free season, this year has been different. However we have just got on with it and last night would have been no different (players moving up from the ECPL and Duchy squads).

Perhaps I shouldn't respond to the pathetic accusation above, but here goes...

I received a call informing me of the decision shortly after 4pm. I was working in Exeter so not present at The Mill.

I was led to believe that the decision was taken by the match ref or a qualified rep in accordance with the guidelines.

The pitch was deemed too wet at that time (probably due to the amount of rain overnight Thursday), it was just starting to rain again and the forecast was for more.

This gave time to stop people making a wasted journey (i'd have liked nothing more than for it to be called off at 7pm and those who turned up spend a few hundred quid in the bar!!!)

As it happens, it hammered down for the rest of the evening/night so the right call was made.

Hope that answers your ridiculous accusation.

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