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ECPL fixtures for Saturday, December 3rd 2011

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As appearing on the Mitoo site (midday)

Premier Division

Bodmin Town v Torpoint Athletic [ Postponed ]

Elburton Villa v Probus [ Postponed ]

Morwenstow v St Stephens Borough [ Postponed ]

Saltash United v Wadebridge Town

St Dominick v Sticker

Tavistock v Lanreath [ Postponed ]

thisiscornwall.co.uk Division One

Callington Town v Kilkhampton [ Postponed ]

Camelford v Plymstock United [ Postponed ]

Holsworthy v Nanpean Rovers [ Postponed ]

Liskeard Athletic v Biscovey

St Stephen v St Blazey

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From recent experiences, I'm not so sure players that post are wise to reveal there true identity!

i've got nothing to hide Dave! just think about what you're saying before you post, if you can't say it on the pitch, don't post it on here, easy!

Fair comment, although I think some referees may sometimes overreact to what they read on here and then make a point at games to find out who the posters' real names are! :thumbsup: Mind you, admittedly some players say too much as well!!!

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Dave are you saying we go out and delibrately look for players who may of critised us and get our own back by dealing with them during the game. If so I would be writing Misconduct form out from now to next Xmas the amount of times I`ve been slagged off on here, I hope to think us referees are a lot bigger than that and I`m sure we can take a little bit of critirism as long as its not personnal, By the way if nobody knows who I am by now then here a clue IAN SPURLING.

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Dave if something is said on here which if said on the field of play would have lead to a disciplinary report, then I will report those comments as is my right under the section" misconduct by a player after the match has ended", now I do not go out of my way to find out the players name, but if I do know their name I act accordingly within the LOAF. I certainly would not go looking for a player who may have made comments,

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