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ILLOGAN RBL SQUAD (black+white stripe shirts black shorts and socks)

barrie john wyatt

aaron clarke( capt)

lewis ellis

sam emry

musa sabo

simon ellis

ian cullingham

dan bowman

paul wolstencroft

gary sturmey

johnny jones

adam callaway

phil willy

dom pullen

dan ellis

manager- neal jeffree

assit manager- andy mead

physio- steve green

gk coach- mark james

team attendant- lester thomas

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all of us at Illogan will pass that on Reno as well as our own best wishes, thanks for the message! was a freak accident really for Paul Wolstencroft which turned out to be a pretty horrendous injury, i know his kneecap was around the side of his leg on the pitch and he tried pushing it back around himself after he landed on the ground , fortunately we had Steve Green on hand with his excellent first aid as usual, not sure how the operation has gone yet but hopefully find out soon

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