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Falmouth Town v St, Blazey

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What planet are you both on ? Other than a tonking by Falmouth , you will get nowt out of this fixture. I saw an under 15's game on Saurday and I think one of those teams could beat your current side.

It's called being a football fan. I couldn't even bring myself to go if I didn't think we could get something.

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Full Time 5-0 to Falmouth h/t 1-0

Shane White/ Chris Menhennick,Matt Drummond 3

Should have made it 1-1 just before half time, but in any case, Falmouth regrouped and were dominant in the second half. Falmouth are an exceptional side and I'll be surprised if they don't make the top 2 this year.

As for Blazey, the kind of football we played for much of tonight should be enough to see us avoid relegation.

Crowd: around 130 (25 - 30 from Blazey) - How many bottom of the table sides at this level would take 25+ fans away on a 60 mile round trip on a freezing cold Tuesday evening?

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Falmouth Town V St Blazey,

Bearing in mind the position of St Blazey in the League compared with Falmouth,I was very impressed the way that they played they look a very young side,

But even when they were 5 goals down they never stopped running & they never gave up in fact with a little more luck they could have had a couple themselves,

Yes Falmouth had some players out injured, but they had 11 men on the field,

I think there was only one booking, the St Blazey keeper for handling the ball outside of the area,

some of the St Blazey supporters said that he should or could have been sent off, I do not think so as it would have spoilt the game, on the whole I beleive the officials had a good game,

I do hope St Blazey mannage to stay up as our League would be much poorer without them,

so good luck to St Blazey for the rest of the season.

Hammers :c::clapper: :c:

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Got home at 2am after another shocking performance from Argyle. I must question myself when it cost at least £70 yesterday and a days holiday to watch total rubbish. The only excitment was the Argyle fans having a punch up with each other. :blink:

Blazey v Withy or Argyle v Northampton on sat? Oh the decision!!! :wacko:

Much better performances coming from St Blazey. Lets hope they can sneak a win soon. :drink:

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