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Falmouth Under 18's Vs St Agnes Under 18's

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We lost 3-1 to a very good Helston side. Hayden Van Reijn went off injured 10 minutes in for Falmouth. Also, it being our first game together in ages for a long time, and some of us never playing together at all it was a decent result. Most of us only played for school together, although some of us did play for the same men's team for a while. Overall we performed decently for our first game but there's a lot of room for improvement, there always is, especially at this age.

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Turned out as a 0-0 draw. Both sides had a few decent chances. St Agnes hit a decent penalty into the bottom corner only to be saved by Harry McMellon who was man of the match for Falmouth in my opinion. Good open game, top notch referee, forgotten his name. Glad to be a part of it

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