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Combo Results Thread and Latest Table

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Can you post your results, goal scorers and attendances on this thread please or text me on 07597907549 with your details.


12th November 2011

Cornwall Combination League

Falmouth Athletic (Ross Bowden, Ryan Trathen) 2-5 Penryn Athletic Reserves (Wade Brown 2, Jason Roberts 2, Jowan May)

Att - 80

Falmouth Town Reserves (Luke Wort, Dan Knowles) 2-1 Newquay Reserves (Jake Street)

Att - 75

Illogan RBL (Simon Ellis, Dominic Pullen, Adam Calloway, Johnny Jones) 4-1 St Just (Jack Willis)

Att - 50

Mullion (Dan Higgins, Keith Jacka, Dan Thomas) 3-3 St Agnes (Alec Penrose 2, Duane Britton)

Att - 30

Pendeen Rovers (Josh Mooney) 1-3 Wendron United (Josh Hoon, Matt McIlroy, OG)

Att - 35

Porthleven Reserves (Fred Williams 2) 2-3 St Ives Town (Martyn Moon, Dave Hodges, Joel McWilliams)

Att - 45

RNAS Culdrose (Michael Clarke 3, Jamie Adam 2, Stephen Hughes) 6-0 Penzance Reserves

Att - 9

St Day (Shane Richards, Nathan Taylor, Kyle Barclay) 3-1 Hayle Reserves (Craig Rennard)

Att -35

Troon 0-2 Holman SC (Matt Osborn, Tarik Kalkan)

Att - 30


1 PENRYN ATHLETIC RESERVES 17 12 4 1 53 18 35 40

2 FALMOUTH TOWN RESERVES 14 10 2 2 55 16 39 32

3 ST IVES TOWN 13 9 1 3 29 14 15 28

4 ILLOGAN RBL 12 7 4 1 30 14 16 25

5 RNAS CULDROSE 14 7 3 4 38 32 6 23

6 ST AGNES 11 6 4 1 22 15 7 22

7 PENDEEN ROVERS 13 6 3 4 29 23 6 21

8 WENDRON UNITED 13 6 3 4 26 24 2 21

9 HAYLE RESERVES 15 5 3 7 26 30 -4 18

10 FALMOUTH ATHLETIC 11 5 2 4 34 23 11 17

11 TROON 13 5 2 6 24 27 -3 17

12 NEWQUAY RESERVES 13 4 4 5 27 28 -1 16

13 ST DAY 13 4 4 5 20 28 -8 16

14 PERRANWELL 11 4 2 5 31 26 5 14

15 PORTHLEVEN RESERVES 17 4 2 11 31 55 -24 14

16 MULLION 13 3 3 7 33 36 -3 12

17 ST JUST 12 3 2 7 24 27 -3 11

18 HOLMAN SC 13 2 3 8 15 40 -25 9

19 PENZANCE RESERVES 18 0 1 17 13 86 -73 1

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Don't tend to get involved with these forums but 'harsh but fair', it appears you have a few gripes with winno and Jas? The team are not banging any drums about winning the league and its never mentioned before or after games but if you have something to say at least have the balls to post under your name and not a gutless alias! I'm sure you were a really good footballer in the better days of combo football. I don't have much experience of combo football but I think the standard is fairly good and I, for one, really enjoy playing it. Neil Burton

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I have to agree with you guys to an extent the combination league is nowhere near as good as it used to be just like the peninsula is nowhere near as good as the old South Western league either. One thing I will say is that I think the combo is a better league this season than it has been for a number of years with a lot more clubs in with a shout of some silverware. But whatever standard you play you godda get on with it and enjoy it isnt that the main thing

Burts I wouldn't take notice of peoples little snipes on hear mate I get it all the time bud very immature we know but thats the age we live in. So long as your enjoying your footie thats the main thing mate. As weve said all along were there at Penryn to enjoy ourselves play football and see where we end up in May....




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It depends on what you consider better football, I have noticed that the technique of the younger players far exceeds the standard of 10-15 years ago, this is down to the work done at youth level across the Duchy. As a result the game is not as physically demanding as it once was nor so much blood,guts and thunder(with the odd exception of course). Whether this surmounts to a weaker league is obviously debatable? I would say there are fewer weaker sides than a couple of seasons ago. Nice to see the Airmen in the top five! well done lads, and well done Winno on your top spot.

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Mullion 3 - 3 St Agnes

Mullion Goalscorers Dan Higgins, Keith Jacka and Dan Thomas

We were below par this weekend, didnt play anything like we are capable of, and reosrted to punting the ball long for large periods of the game. St Agnes would have a right to be dissapointed with a point and we were happy with the point.

Mullion without regular goalkeeper Tom Collins due to work, and with 2nd team keeper unavailable, 3rd team keeper Phil Haskell stepped in. however he was injured in a collision with a St Agnes player and came off after trying to play on, so we finished the game without a recognised goalkeeper. Hopefully the injury to the St Agnes player is not a serious as first thought.

Not an easy game to referee, a 7 yellows - i think - and 1 red. Mullion went 2-0 up, smash and grab really, then controversy as St Agnes equalised, however the ball struck a St Agnes arm in penalty area before the ball was put in the net. The Mullion linesman was flagging, however the referee - whos view would have been blocked by the number of bodies between himself and the incident - gave the goal without speaking to the linesman. St Agnes equalised before half time, took the lead just before Mullion keeper went off injured. Mullion equalised with about 20 minutes to go.

St Agnes reduced to 10 men after 75 minutes. Dan Thomas was pulled down by the centre half whilst breaking through, he was adjudged to be the last man, so the referee sent him off. St Agnes went down to 9 men in final 10 minutes when the striker collided with the goalkeeper for the second time.

Fair play to St Agnes being reduced to 10 and then 9 players didnt seem to make a difference and played some decent stuff. Very good game for the neutrals, not sure the managers will think so though.

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St Agnes scorers Duane Britton 1 and Alec Penrose 2 - ended up with 9 on the pitch for the last 10 minutes - one off and Penners injured and off to Treliske with a nasty looking knee injury. All at St Agnes wish him a speedy recovery and hope its not too serious!

Saw Alec Penrose on crutches today,medial ligament problem,going to be out a few weeks.

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Looks as though Winnos influx of players is paying off, and have I read it right Jason Roberts scoring twice? Oh how the standard has dropped, Winno might win the league after numerous attempts with other clubs what with the Combo being the weakest it has ever been

Obviously not a Penryn supporter!! Don't get the sour grapes comment or question? about Jason Roberts yes he did score twice but then no shock there he's an outstanding player & always has been. These lads go out and play with passion so stop sitting in and thinking what negative crap you can put on here & go & have a go yourself you might even score a few try and beat JASON ROBERTS PENRYN ATHLETIC RESERVES 15

that's his goals so far Good luck with that !

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Another St Darren Gripe, don,t know why you dont just spit your concerns out !

Neil Rudkin, Ex Mullion player referees game and St Agnes get a decision go against them (biased Ref)

St Just have an Ex Player referee a decision goes against St Agnes (Biased Ref)

Sending out a message to all referees IF you have being connected to the club you are officiating make sure you give ALL 50-50 decisions to St Agnes or you run the risk of being biased.

I for one have often found that when a referee is officiating a club for which he has played or connected with he goes completely opposite and if in doubt awards the decision against his old club, also played against St Just and the referee down there was brilliant even though we lost.

Get a grip St Darren

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These are just my views, but from the sideline i thought Neil was prob the only person that would not look out of place in a higher league. Not sure if he knew, but he was being assessed.There were some nasty tackles from both sides, neither team can complain about the yellows, maybe the red was debatable.As for St Agnes first goal, the Mullion lino flagged for handball around the penalty spot area and Neil being on the edge of the area gave a goal. He clearly pointed to his chest to indicate where the ball hit the player.

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What's your problem with me deadcert?

I think if you look at the post you'll see the decision went for at agnes! At st just last year, a similar instance occured where a st just player clearly punched the ball into the net, I was running the line and flagged for handball. The ref said he headed it! The players knew it aswell. I then get caucking cheat to which he had a word with the player.

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