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Dont get too excited mate, the Junior cup is going west to either constantine or falmouth athletic reserves!!! - or so all the posts on here tell us

And last season we were told that Illogan couldn't be beaten. Juniior Cup Final result ; Torpoint 4-1 Illogan

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the eastern divisions r stronger than the west divisions by a mile and b4 u lot from falmouth n redruth yip up IM NOT slating ur teams just saying that over the whole leagues there r stronger teams up here than down ur way :c:

In the last 5 years goosefish a western team has won it 3 times and an eastern team 2 so on recent form I'd say it's pretty even. I think a lot of teams would like the competition to be structured with no east and west like the senior cup so that sides who don't normally play each other would get the opportunity to travel to different grounds.

The west had been restructured this year amalgamating the mining & Falmouth and helston league. This has resulted in a much more competitive league which is great as sides are involved in many more closely fought matches.

Another result of the amalgamation has meant the trelawny league now has a competition with exactly the same format as the junior cup west in the Percy Stephens cup. Maybe with this in mind the county fa should look at amalgamating the east and west sections to maintain it as the premier cup to compete for

We are off to pendeen today so have a really tricky tie as In the past both sides have given a good account of themselves. This is the 1st time we have made the 2nd round in 4 years so watch out for fireworks tonight if we make the 3rd!!!! ;) :)

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I totally agree that the Junior Cup draw should be all in one hat and not east and west - maybe its time for it to be discussed at the league meetings both Trelawney and Duchy and see what the overall response is and if it is felt that it should all be amalgamated, then the powers to be should lobby the dinosaurs at the CCFA. Probably take several years of due process mind you!!!!

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le boss, sounds good but I can hear the screams already regarding traveling distance. Just imaging a team from down west having to travel to Saltash or visa versa.

The early rounds of the SWP Throgmorton Cup is split in three groups, being West Cornwall, Central (East Cornwall & West Devon) and East Devon. The clubs in SWP West division can get the opportunity to play SWP East sides (and SWP Premier clubs in E Cornwall and Plymouth).

If travelling is an issue then mayby something similar could be done in the Junior Cup, with the central group being Trelawny Clubs east of say Redruth/Falmouth together with Duchy Clubs say west of Bodmin. Central group sides would therefore include

- Mevagissey, St Newlyn East, Probus (Duchy Premier)

- Threemilestone, Goonhavern & Carharrack (Trelawny Premier)

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I accept all your points but it is just a replica of the Percy Stephens cup in the west. Is it just a case of the county expecting a showcase final at easter - would be interesting to have a ballot of all clubs. Personally i would like to take on clubs from the east and the winners could truly be called the champions of junior football in Cornwall

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