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"The Stadium"

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Just wondering what peoples thoughts are regarding "The Stadium" ??

One minute it's headline news & all systems go, and it's going to be built at Threemilestone, then it doesn't get a mention??

I'm sure everybody has differing opinions, and not just on the matter of should it be built at all, regardless of where??

All the previous bits & pieces I've read have all suggested that Truro, or it's neighbouring areas are the only options. Having been involved in local football for many years, and followed sport in general in the county all of my life, I have the following reservations about the new stadium.

Firstly, why does it need to be such a big capacity. The Pirates are the biggest draw crowdwise, and even if they were in the premier league, would they get anywhere near the 10,000 spoke of? I very much doubt it.

Secondly, the road from Chiverton into Truro is a nightmare already, and wouldn't this add to the problem? Let's not forget our main county hospital is nestled in there, and I think there are huge problems on the horizon, with both parking for staff & expansion of the building itself, along with general traffic problems there already, surely it's madness to even think of lengthening someones need to get to Treliske?

Thirdly, there has been talk of funding already being in place for such a venture, which is fine, but surely there are other suitable sites that would cost less to buy or redevelop. What about Carn Brea, there's the basis of a stadium there already. A pitch of sorts inside the running track, that surely adds weight to the suggestion alone, after all the stadium surely isn't meant for one sport? There are facilities in & around the leisure centre which may need upgrading a bit, or maybe even a lot, but surely it's more viable than a bare farm field? There's also a rail halt less than 100 meters away, also good for the ongoing regeneration of the Pool area surely?

And before one or two say I'm being negative, I would like to see a stadium, but one that won't be a big white elephant & ends up as an empty unused eyesore, because of lack of reality & foresight? :c:

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running tracks and team sports do not go together,think of all the fuss around the olympic stadium.

what about parking,when the car boot is there on a sunday it is grid lock and they get nowhere near 10,000.

having said that i do like your thinking around using/adapting something in place already.

also the regeneration people do own the land opposite redruth school.

i think they want to go to threemilestone so that they can be close to the hospital and college and incorporate them into the plan making the stadium work throughout the week both medically and sports wise

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I appreciate the to do with the olympic stadium, but that was only after Tottenham wanted to remove the track. West Ham will leave it there, Bayern Munich play in the 1972 olympic stadium, so I think that maybe that's blown out of context.

Treliske has outgrown it's site now, and as I said any more developments nearby are going to be detrimental. I think the future of the hospital is far more important than any stadium, or any other development of any nature. Treliske Industrial Estate should probably have never been built where it is, and it's a good job that Truro golf club isn't now going to be covered in housing. Sooner or later that hospital will need a whole lot more land. Planners???

I'm from Truro, but I don't think that the stadium has to be here. The Pirates are a Penzance side really, or should I say they originate from Penzance, do the die-hard Pirates fans want their team playing in Truro? Maybe a lot don't mind, especially if they make the premiership, I don't know?

I think that a 10,000 capacity stadium built in our current financial climate would be like ordering the Queen Mary2 to do the St Mawes ferry run!! I feel say a 5,000 seater built on an existing sports complex would be the answer for now, and if that site was big enough to increase the capacity, if needed somewhere in the future, then that's fine. I fail to see why it has to be built so close to the college or Treliske, as Redruth/Camborne is hardly very far away. Can't forsee Truro playing football in any new stadium either, so that surely casts doubts over the whole thing anyhow? I understood that it was for improving the facilities of our top sports sides, of which we only had the Pirates and the City anyhow. What are the Pirates gates at the moment 1,200? Truro 500?

Perhaps Treyew road could be developed for multi sport use? Maybe that could help the financial troubles of City & keep them going? Who knows, but even though I'd love to see a stadium for all us sport lovers to be proud of, I can't see the logic in spending a fortune of what is public moniey on an oversized fantasy?

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The pirates need a 10,000 capacity stadium to gain promotion hence a 10,000 capacity stadium planned. Would defeat the object building anything less as that would be truly wasting money!

The stadium also needs to be in Truro. It's the capital. Most landmark grounds are in the capital so why not follow suit?

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From 2013 Clubs in Rugby's Aviva Premiership should have stadium with a minimum 12000 capacity however to compete in the Heineken Cup 1/4 finals the minimum capacity increases to 15000, many current Premiership clubs fall short of this and have their work cut out improving crowd numbers, it is a fact that many clubs if relegated would not get back into the Premiership without moving to another ground or improve what they have now.

The criteria for the Premiership is shrouded in secrecy, no one can access it, many Rugby enthusiasts have attempted to find it but failed, somewhere it is locked away by Rugby's hierarchy and brought out into the public arena in dribs and drabs when it suits them, Treliske Hospital has been mentioned, EASY access to medical and hospital treatment forms part of the conditions of entry when joining Rugby's elite.

That's it, for the Cornish Pirates to reach the promised land they need a 15000 stadium.

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If this is the case, then the RFU need shooting! How many premiership clubs get that number watching. I know Bath dread being relegated because of the Rec, but didn't realise the criteria was higher still now. So, we're expected to fund a stadium that'll be two thirds empty? Absolute madness!! If we go ahead with that, we're even bigger idiots than the RFU!!

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