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Holman Bike Ride Raises over £800


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9 brave souls "manned" up tony eddys not in the picture as the silly sod hadn't checked his tyres b4 we left and both were flat so he was sorting them out whilst we took the phot. We had 3 others including chairman ray Richards in the Support "truck" we didn't go by the most direct route along the a30 but followed the safer and more picturesque national cycle route. Took us just over an hour to get to Penzance where we had a "refuel" stop in the longboat. Penzance to blaythorne took about 1hr 30mins. The last bit was a bit "emotional" in the pain sense for a few of the lads. All told though a good effort from everyone. Must mention Damon Jull who raised the most money and won himself a new club polo shirt

The two "athletes" smoking a fag are 1st team centre halves Scott Thomas and bobby Hopkins.....and we wonder why we concede so many goals lol

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