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Penzance 0, Camelford 2 last Wednesday

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Hi all, Mangotsfield fan back from his annual October holiday to the West Country, having watched Penzance lose at home to Camelford on Wednesday night. That's what these October holidays are for - get a game in! Enjoyed the game despite the incessant rain & I thought Penzance ran the show early on, but once Camelford were ahead (did that first one cross the line? I couldn't tell from where I was), they didn't look like losing.

Well done also to the Penzance programme editor for producing a very good programme & I see he does 20-pagers for RESERVE games as well! Excellent stuff! We never did that at Mangotsfield even when we had a reserve side, whioch we don't any more, having scrapped ours in the summer.

Any idea what the gate was at Penzance & who bagged the Camelford goals? I did look for a report in the Cornishman yesterday, but I gather it's more likely to be in next week's issue.

Will write up an page on the game for our on programme at Mangotsfield in due course. Pity I didn't get to either Truro or Falmouth on Tuesday night, but what with the monsoon on Monday, I'm amazed anyone played at all on Tuesday & besides, Penzance was a new ground for this scribe & we made the most of the better weather on Tuesday. Had a good chat with a few people there, all very friendly & I'm sorry to see the Magpies lost at Plymouth Parkway today. Wouldn't have minded seeing that one as well, but when you're making the 200 mile drive home, and you're outnumbered 4 to 1 in the car, well, at least I got to Wednesday's game!

One thing I noticed - Camelford wore a simple blue shirts, white shorts & blue socks the other night. Can't remember the last time I saw a side wear a simple, old fashioned kit with no fancy bits on it, like blue, white, blue!

Looking forward to seeing the mighty Falmouth Town at Cadbury Heath in 3 weeks time, as I believe we Mangos have no game that day - yet........

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Hi Dave-The recorded attendance was 84

By the way the Reserve programme is produced by"CornishTeddyBoy"(Paul Smith) and the excellent First team publication is by Nathan Richards.

Look forward to meeting up with you again at Cadbury Heath

Being cheeky could you bring along a current Mangotsfield programme

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Hi Mike, will do (you can have a few) & thanks for the info. Thanks to Green & white barmy army too for the goalscorers.

Bob should be there as well on the 19th. It's unlikely the Mangos will be re-arranging a game for that day because everyone else should be in action. We were supposed to be playing Andover, if I remember rightly, but sadly they folded just before the season began. We haven't been to Cadbury Heath for a number of years now, though I get around the local grounds more than Bob does. He tends to go to most of our away games, but I stay local on those days for family reasons. Still, looking forward to see you & your boys!

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