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Hy everyone!

My name is Igor, I'm from Latvia. Our country is more an ice hockey nation, or basketball, but still we managed to qualify for Euro 2004 in Portugal and we had some great players like Maris Verpakovskis who used to play for Dinamo Kiev and of course Marian Pahar who was Southampton player for 7 years.

Anyway, the thing I wanted to ask here is about the Cornish football.

I'm studying at Falmouth University College now and I'm working on the photo project about the football teams and football fields in Cornwall. Through the http://www.pyramidpassion.co.uk website I've found some interesting teams like Nanpean Rovers, Wadebridge Town, St. Blazey...

But I'm wondering if there are any other unusual (or just with an interesting surroundings) football fields that are not mentioned on this website?

Thank you

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