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Junior Cup Mystery ?


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Anyone know how Callington have been allowed to postpone their Junior Cup tie with Biscovey on 5th November ?

Apparently they "can't play at home that day" and have refused to reverse the fixture.

Do County competitions not take precedence over all other matches ?

If its not a player issue, should Callington not be FORCED to reverse the fixture ?

Should Biscovey have any say in this ?

Is the CCFA being taken for a ride here ?

Maybe someone knows the answers to these questions and the REAL reason for the cry-off ?

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Callington really taking the County for a ride now !

Pitch has been trashed all week from firework crowd damage and Callington cancel last minute on Saturday morning. No opportunity for Biscovey to reverse the fixture. Serious fixture backlog now and I bet Callington cancel again next week ! ..............Stinks !!

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Point is, Biscovey will have lost 3 available game days by the time this gets played, and all through poor communication and flexibility by both Callington AND the CCFA. For a side which has ambition within their division, a catch-up situation is never as good as games under your belt.

My main issue is that people from both parties above, knew about non-availablity of the home pitch much earlier than they shared it with Biscovey. Alternative arrangements could have easily been made for BOTH missed Saturdays.

I suppose my basic expectations (an early phone call / e-mail) are just too high for some people.

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