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Madron on Daily Mail Website

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The reserve team from last years mining 3 are now playing in trelawney 2... And the team who lost 55-0 are now playing in division 4 of the Trelawney league.

We only have 1 player in the first 11 squad who played in most of the hammerings last season.

Some players moved on and some stayed but as a club everything is going smoothly... Getting 25 people at training with still a fair few missing. Alot of youngsters in both sides this year which boads well for the future

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As a madron player, I would like to say the whole write up on the website is completely wrong. I don't think this was needed to be done as the 4-3 win against storm is from are 2nd team and not the 1st team. If they are going stay about madron winning a match, It would have to be the match which this years 1st team won 4-3 against Trispen. I spoke to alan davenport about this and i said he got it wrong and he didn't agree with me. I said that the league defeats from last season would eventually come to an end when the 1st team won are 1st match of the season this year not the 2nd team.

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