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Public Announcements at Grounds

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Having now covered some dozen games since the season has started, at various grounds, i have never once heard prior to the game any teams being read out, so i can check who's who and playing in what number.

Is this an oversight by clubs today, that dont see the need and interest taken by the supporters, who check and follow their teams, or neutral supporters like me, who really do take an interest in both teams.

When we did get an announcement, i thought i was in a working mans club, being told the pies and peas ave come!!

Dreadful use of the english language, and most disinterested tones i have ever heard.

This form of communication at very little cost could be a great way to " set the scene " for the game, throw in refs name , match sponsors name, competition winners etc...

Could possibly earn you a few extra bob or two from sponsors ??

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Tavistock announce the team and officials before each game. Dont think it happens in 2nd team fixtures. But could be wrong. I always find the annoncement of the fifty fifty draw at grounds could be clearer!. Sometimes it sounds like an asthmatic speaking through a bucket! How many go unclaimed?

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