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Matt Cusack got the Ashes leveller after the Camels striker (don't know his name) scored from a tight angle. Camels dominated much of the first half and Saltash were lucky to go in at half time with the scores level. Danny Zallicks brilliant 2nd half brace was the difference really as Camelford looked the team most likely to score and go on to win. A late goal from one of the Camels subs caused a bit of concern to the home supporters but they held on to claim the 3 points. Can't expalin why the Camels didn't get at least a point as I thought they played some neat football at times, Ryan Pooley terrorised Steve Sargison at left back and Josh Insley seemed to win everything in the air.

One thing I must say though is don't those older Ashes supporters moan when anyone makes the slightest mistake - talk about Warldorf and Staddler!

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Statler and Waldorf ??

It was a terrific game deserved to win

Yeh result never in doubt can't wait for the next one.

Mind you, that 1st goal

And the passing and missed tackles

Hey I never won the 50/50

No me neither

The seats were cold

And the tea too milky

It wasn't much of a game

Come to think of it I didn't like it much either


Yeh boo

It was bad

Worse than bad

It was awful


Bring back the joke telling bear

Or someone telling a joke about a bear


Not me, had one at home.

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