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Is it Galmpton Gents or Galmpton United

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Yes I think you're right there Mike, in some places online, the second team who play in the South Devon League, are still appearing as Galmpton United & Torbay Gentlemen Reserves

Probably when they applied for the Peninsula League it was to be agreed to use Galmpton United as an abreviation to save all that description.

The team in the South Devon League must be a contender for the longest club name in British football

I have just posted the question on the TK site and could get a bit of ear bashing from those non league fanatics if I get my facts wrong.

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Here we have the answer, thanks for being sent the email with the info:

Galmpton United have been a long established club in theSouth Devon League, playing the vast majority of years in the Premier Divisionand at their Memorial Ground in Greenway Road. They joined the SWPL in 2007 as that name but to comply with Step Seven standards they had to turn their pitcharound, this was made easy after the demise of the cricket club there.

Torbay Gentlemen played at the council owned Clennon Valley(about two miles away) in the South Devon League for many years but had not been in existence as long as Galmpton United.

In the summer of 2008 it was thought beneficial for the two clubs to amalgamate and run with three sides with the First Team in the SWPL and therefore changed their name to Galmpton United & Torbay Gentleman or GUT-G for short !

Many of the diehard United people still called themselves United and around this time last year, with the amount of former Gents personal dwindling to nearly zero, the decision was made to go back to their original name of Galmpton United.

It was a similar tale about six miles away after Totnes Town joined forces with Dartington Sports Club to form Totnes & Dartington Sports Club, this being around six years ago. This has stood the test of time as Totnes Town played at a decent level before they merged and there were strong connections between the clubs.

In the South Devon league we also have Kingskerswell & Chelston who joined forces about four years ago and Staverton & Landscove, although that goes back a long way.

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Thank you for all the replies - really appreciated.

Have mapped and entered into our database the premier division and am now working my way through division one east & west.


But it will take a day or two as I type slowly and have to try and track down full addresses, map references, date or formation, former names etc!

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