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The Non League Prediction League Levels 1 to 6

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There is a very good Prediction League covering the non-league from Conference Premier down to the South West Peninsula League, it is well run and regularly updated (same week), there is a facility for Mini Leagues so groups of supporters could have their own league/s, all you do is enter the link below go to the left hand column click on "New User" and register.

Link:- http://nlpl.co.uk/PredictionLeague

Last season those registered could enter additional Non League Prediction Leagues for Conference Premier, Conference North and Conference SOUTH, these three leagues were individual so Truro Fans (or others) could if they wished concentrate solely on Conference South.

There was also a Prediction League covering the FA TROPHY, I came second in this the year before last.

The choice is there for those interested, something to fill those cold winter evenings.

Note: When entering the site in the centre under the header is a drop down box it may show OLD that is there from last season and will soon be removed, if necessary drop down and change to NEW.

The site is run by Angus (and friends), Angus contacts us under his user-name "Vienna1964"

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