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Due to an unprecedented 16 players from a squad of 20 leaving over the last three weeks it now leaves us at Perranporth AFc trying to assemble a new team for the coming season, If there is anyone out there that feels that they have what it takes to play CSWPL football no matter their age then i would love to hear from them.

We can offer nice new changing rooms an excellent clubhouse a new covered stand and rabbit proof fencing around the pitch to improve the playing surface, and an excellent coach in steve maynard.

We are now also in a position to re - inberse players for each game to cover the cost of petrol.

we are training at perranporth park on a monday and a wednesday from 6.30pm.

If you want a chat give me a call

07577813789 / 01872-575084

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wouldnt worry the taxman c.t.b its the likes of lee whetter,dan nanks,mike body n lee bradd u want 2 worry about,they can hear ur pound notes in ur pocket from across the county lol

in all seriousness tho y have the players upped sticks n r u likely 2 withdraw from the league?

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Superkeeps i have pm you and if your under 46 and less than 12 and a half stone then your in in front of me.... :clapper:

Goosefish i wish i could put on here what i really think but it would be taken off, so here is the diplomatic answer...

a few have been here for a few years and had itchy feet and felt they needed a new challenge, others said well if their going then im going as well, which led to the rest of the players saying im not gonna stay and get beat evry week so im off and before long you have lost your whole squad.

Some have gone to places where they will end up in 2nd teams or most of the time on the bench rather than stay and play 1st team football. The annoying thing is when you see them and speak to them and they say yes im staying and the next day some club has been and put 7 days in because thay have asked to join them.

Players that never return your calls and don't even tell you there going to another club or they get someone else to tell you.... Loyalty over money theres only one winner.............

As to pulling out , that is not an option we will fulfil our fixtures and in all proberbility will finish bottom but the youngsters that will be playing will get valuable experience and hopefully once the season starts and players find themselves out of favour they will give me a call.

We will be looking for players young and old who have the balls to say" you know what i fancy playing in the cswpl and getting a start every week even if its likely we will get beat" thats the sort of players i want and if your one of those give me a text and ill ring you right back.....

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thanks 4 the offer m8 but im already signed 2 foxhole so i guess it wont b long till we c each other anyway,ill b the young dynamic athelete that can tear teams apart wiv precise passing n lightning quick feet-NOT the 32 yr old centre back wiv a club foot n 50p head that sum people on here will have u believe lol

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