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Western Vets 2nd team have entered the 6 a side tournament at St Agnes on Sunday 10th July. Unfortunately a few players have cried off so we're a couple of players short. Anyone out there over 35 fancy a game with us, please let me know. Don't want to let the organizers and the other teams down by pulling out. Thanks :rolleyes:

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What time and are you still looking for players?

Yes, still looking for players. We're allowed 9 in the squad and currently we only have 5. The tournaments kicks off at St Agnes FC at 10.30am. If you're from the St Austell area you could meet us at the Western Inn at 9.15. Text or phone me 07746002387 to confirm if you can make it. Thanks

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Anthony if you get stuck give me a call, number in the book :thumbsup:

Thanks for that John. Looks like we've managed to scrape 6 together so hopefully we'll get no injuries. I wonder if anyone will just turn up with his boots hoping to get a game with anyone like some of us used to at the old boys 6 a side tournaments at St Dennis! Always used to get a game even if a few of us got together and entered as Ragass Rovers. Good times!

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