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manager required for cornish new boys

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cornish new boys reguire a new manager as last seasons player/mansager andy williams who did a fantastic job with the club and team wants to be more of a player this coming season,were a great bunch of lads who play good football in great spirit based at pool school,would be a shame to see our team fold up as were the new league stucture i feel excoiting times lye ahead,for more information or if your interested in being involved contact andy williams 07891906236

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ah that sucks :( always sad to see a team fold :(

yeah thats very true mate i think if we knew end of last season this was going to happen we would of had more ntime to sort it,probs would of bin ok on the playing front but with no manager and commitee it would have bin hard times,just a shame as we had a excellent season last year also great shame because andy williams put so much work and effort in to the team,im quite saddened by this if im honest was really looking forward to playing with such cracking lads again

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