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Massey's Mutterings - June 15th 2011

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The forthcoming Forum Charity match gets a mention this week in "Massey's Mutterings" as Steve has agreed to be one of the managers. This week's page also looks back on when he signed for Hull City - but I don't think their then manager, Colin Appleton, was too impressed with Steve's dresswear! Especially check out the shorts!!!!

whens the war of words going to begin then dave

will it be mind games or just fact as the fat spanish waiter used to say!!!

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Sorry to distract from the Charity match topic.

Question for Steve-Did you and Joey Scott play in the same Bournemouth team in the League

I know you told me you made your debuts in a PSF at Bickland Park.

Looking at a AFC Bournemouth reference book

Steve Massey born Denton

Signed from Stockport County £5,000 July 1978 transferred (free) Peterborough United -July 1981

97 appearances 19 goals

Joey Scott born Plymouth

Signed from Falmouth Town £1,000 June 1978-Transferred to Yeovil Town £7,500 December 1979

21 Appearances 4 goals.

Would be interested to hearing any stories in forthcoming "Mutterings"

Whats your memory like-Steve?

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