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Which Football Boots?

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I am currently studying a business studies course and am required to complete a project on a chosen subject via reviews and website etc. Having a keen interest in football at local levels througout the country i would like to know views/reviews of new football boots that are being purchased along with price etc.

Obviously this info will not be fully obtained until the season has begun and boots have been worn, returned, discarded etc, but i would be very appreciative if anyone would like to contact me via this site with there own reviews.

This info would then be put onto a basic functional website for viewing.

Any help with this would be gratefully appreciated.


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To get you started; we have some boots available that also have a training concept as they are used as a coaching aid. These are particularly useful for young players learning how to play.

Prices are competitive and for boots alone you would be talking about £43, which is resonable.

Details are available through the weblink in my signature.


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