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Portsmouth Under New Ownership

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At last some fairly optimistic news from Fratton Park, Convers Sports Intitiatives the Russian sports moguls have finally taken over Portsmouth FC. The company currently own Russian Ferrari Team, World Rally Championship, Isle of Man TT Race Championships, Power-play Golf, Spartak Moskow Ice Hockey and are in the process of taking over SAAB.

This may finally be the beginning of a better chapter in our clubs colourful recent history. Mr David Limpitt formerly of the FA Financial compliance team has overseen a steady and progressive recovery from the abyss.

Finishing 16th in the Championship was a fantastic achievement considering for long periods of the season Steve Cotterill had to manage with just 16 outfield first team players. I like most Pompey fans are realistic and do not expect tosee an overnight transformation, the Football League would not allow any investment decisions that would put the club back in jeopardy. I feel that there will be imminent news on plans for a new stadium and know that this seems to be the clubs priority.

As much as I love Fratton Park and have very fond memories of the place, it is time to move into a fit for purpose stadium if we are to be considered a Premier League club once more.

Having almost lost the club forever, I am one happy football fan today......Play up Pompey!

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We desperately need a few players in now, investment in training facilities and the stadium over a period of time. Implement a good sound infrastructure and build slowly, we don't want to make the mistakes of the past by paying out inflated player contracts we can't afford. The Premier League teams cannot continue to carry on the way they are doing, no business can survive like that. The fans will only pay so much money to see their team, even the top teams last season had tickets to spare, the first time this has happened. Anyway looks like me and you Scooby flying the flag, PUP.

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