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The Pendeen Effect plus other info

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In the Combo crowds are slightly up overall roughly 2.6% on last season. Is this the Pendeen effect, since their average crowds are much larger than Portreath's were.

The average crowd at a Combo match this season was 37.85 compared with 36.89 last year. A total of 14,346 people were counted at the 379 games played.

Worryingly for some the "big" clubs, their suppost has dropped away this season or perhaps it's because different people are sending me their headcounts.



FALMOUTH 55 14 633 19 33.32 43.89 -24.08

HAYLE 50 20 531 19 27.95 28.21 -0.92

HELSTON 85 30 1024 19 53.89 48.05 +12.15

HOLMAN SC 45 8 392 19 20.63 30.17 -31.62

ILLOGAN 115 29 1017 19 53.53 56.05 -4.50

LUDGVAN 65 19 568 19 29.89 27.05 +10.50

MULLION 60 20 593 19 31.21 36.95 -15.53

NEWQUAY 66 14 663 19 34.89 42.42 -17.75

PENDEEN (P) 220 30 1121 19 59.0

PENRYN 80 30 939 19 49.42 47.84 +3.30

PENZANCE 73 31 998 19 52.53 53.11 -1.09

PERRANWELL 90 30 1081 19 56.89 48.05 +18.40

PORTHLEVEN 70 15 681 18 37.83 39.21 -3.52

RNAS CULDROSE 25 6 273 19 14.37 14.58 -1.44

ST AGNES 70 25 886 19 46.63 41.37 +12.71

ST DAY 100 10 672 19 35.37 41.79 -15.36

ST IVES 50 20 586 19 30.84 33.05 -6.69

ST JUST 90 20 835 19 43.95 42.53 +3.34

TROON 34 12 368 19 19.37 26.50 -26.91

WENDRON 50 10 485 19 25.53 24.26 +5.23

TOTALS 14346 379 AVERAGE 37.85 36.89 +2.60%

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Of the 379 league games played this year

335 Home wins

44 draws

335 away wins

Goals scored 1761 home, 1763 away. Average goals per game 4.646.

Difference of 2 goals between home and away:- because Hayle had 2 home goals taken away for playing an ineligible player against Ludgvan but Ludgvan did not have 2 goals taken away from the their goals against total!

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The biggest crowd was 220

7th September 2010: Pendeen Rovers v St Just

Lowest crowd was 6

26th March 2011: RNAS Culdrose v Penzance Reserves

Biggest home win/away defeat 19-0

5th May 2011: Falmouth Town Reserves 19-0 Ludgvan

10th May 2011: Pendeen Rovers 19-0 Ludgvan

Biggest home defeat/away win 0-14

18th September 2010: Ludgvan v Illogan RBL

12th April 2011: Ludgvan v Falmouth Town Reserves

Most league wins in a row 11

Helston Athletic

Most league games in a row without defeat 18

Helston Athletic

Most draws in a row 3


St Just

Most league defeats in a row 18


Most league games since a win (includes end of last season) 42


Most league goals scored 150

Helston Athletic

Most league goals conceded 267


Fewest league goals scored 18


Fewest league goals conceded 25

Illogan RBL

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Just updated the All Time List


Notice the number of goals scored in the league since it's start. Not cup goals, league goals. Exactly 62,000 so who-ever got the third goal for St Just against Hayle had the honour of scoring the 62,000 goal.

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Ctb as always your statto knowledge is rather disturbing but congratulations once again on devoting the time & effort to keep everyone updated.....I must admit it's very handy to get the results in the clubhouse on a sat night through the "I-phone" the days of buying the Sunday independent for the results have long gone.

Just a quick comment on attendances. Holmans are down about 150 on last year and the reason for that is the boxing day fixture against illogan is always popular and this year was played @ illogan but this year a day later then normal so the crowd was down a bit.....maybe that and the other games played a day later contributed to a dropped in overall Att..........or just none of us can count and haven't got the time to count heads whilst trying to stop conceeding goals lol

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"Save you buying the Sunday Paper"

Right that's 52 x 95p you've saved this season or £49.40

Multiply that by the number of readers I get, so you lot save thousands of £'s each season because of me. I'll have to put a Donate Here button on the site!

Just updated the individual club's league and cup records and am starting on the head to head records.


760 head to head pages, and roughly another 140 pages on top of that. So each season I have to alter roughly 900 pages of the archive part of the site. Time I've done that it's 2011-12!

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Yep sitting here in front of a lap-top on a Bank Holiday, sucking a mint humbug, earphones on listening to old rock'n'roll tracks, up-dating a website. Life is so exciting. I need to get out more.

Question: Do any of you out there take part in the BOINC Project? If not have a look at their website and do a bit of good for the world. I've earned ,up to today 102,298 cobblestones and am 278,512th out of 2,189,812 in the world.


I do malariacontrol.net and MilkyWay@home

advert over

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Just completed 760 pages in 2 days.

If you want to see anything about your club


"Facts and figures" show how your team has done against others in the past. So for League Champions Helston for example click on the link


Then click on individual clubs so Helston v Ludgvan is


You can do this for any club v club. Not all pages are complete as some scores are still missing. Just go on


and browse.

Next job is to complete the Head 2 Head pages but not tonight, resting.

Will do the prediction league tomorrow as well

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