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Duchy League result - Saturday, May 28th 2011

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Probus scored on 11 and 59 mins.

Reply from Altarnun on 87 mins.

Score could have been a lot higher with several attempts hitting the woodwork.

Nice to see this fixture played so competitively on the last day of the season.

Altarnun miss the chance of a top 4 finish.

Attendance: 19

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im glad probus managed to get a team to come up to fulfill the fixture,they had players out,altarun also had players playing cricket and playing injured and out of position.we were always going to finish fourth so the result didnt really matter but everyone on the pitch give it there all which was good to see.altarnun missed several chances(especially me!!) to be fair so the result could have swung either way but probus got the points in the end.Im happy we finished fourth,could have been challenging if we sorted out some training as we just play saturdays and do nothing all season inbetween.

again pull respect to probus for fulfilling the fixture on a bank holiday too,some teams wouldnt have!!

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