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Previous Rathbone Winners

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Over the past few years who do you think were the strongest team to lift the rathbone cup

Maybe St.Austell 3 years ago , with players such as Neil Slateford, Oliver Brokenshire and Kieren Conibear-Trathen

Possibly Penryn 2 years ago, with players such as Cody Cooke, Mahhanmad Sado and David Blizzard

Or Illogan who won it this year with players such as Tim Nixon, Nick Barber and Josh Shark

So let me know your opinion

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I've now watched the last 5 rathbone trophy finals and for me it was the Bude side that won it 4 years ago. Solid throughout and beat a stong Millbrook side 5-1 in the final at Liskeard! Only conceding 1 goal in the whole cup run and beating a very good St.Austell side in the semi final who had 90% of the team they had when they won it the year after!

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I would have to say Illogan have a great shout 4 this such quality through the team starting with Craig Clinton, Zack Williams, Josh Sharp, Steven Abbott-Smith, Jacob Hoon, Tim Nixon, Jacob Kemp, Nick Barber, Daniel Bowman, Reece Prout, Ashley Smeeth and with such a quality bench i think Illogan have to best squad and team. Also when u have managers like the legends SHAUN CLINTON and BRIAN BEEFY SMEETH u got the whole package.

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I think it will have to be St.Austell because of where the players are playing now

Neil Slateford - St.Austell

Oliver Brokenshire - Bodmin

Martin Giles - St Austell

Kieren Conibear-Trathen - Truro

Josh Bragg - Truro

Liam Nicholls - Truro

Matt May - Foxhole

Michael Kempthorne - Foxhole

Ben Douglas - St Austell

Jay Hill - St Austell

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Fair point lil beefy these are the clubs the players were at at the time of winning

GK Rob Rosevear - Sticker

DF Kieren Conibear-Trathen - Wadebridge

DF Ryan Cox - Lipson

DF Ash Steele - St Blazey Reserves

DF Kyle Friendship - Foxhole

MF Ben Douglas - St. Austell

MF Oliver Brokenshire - St.Austell

MF Josh Bragg - Torquay

MF Dan Eden - Nanpean

MF Jordan Ball - Unattached

MF Neil Slateford - Falmouth Town

MF Ollie Gibson - Wadebridge

ST Liam Nicholls - Foxhole

ST Jay Hill - St.Austell

Just to clarify where they were

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