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Surprised about Afc St Austell!

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I was not aware clubs are obliged to put everything on this forum. There was a statement made in the St Austell Voice newspaper and on their website. And in response to your comment, yes Andy has done a fantastic job in the last two years in charge of town. And everyone at the club was grateful for what he has acheived in the clubs first year in SWPL. The clubs aim would surely of been just to secure our place in this league but to finish in the top half of the league and reach the Senior cup final is something that not only Andy Dingle should be proud of but the whole club. Im sure everyone involved with the club has a lot of appreciation for Andy and wishes him well for the future, although im led to believe he is still going to be around in assisting where he can. Good luck to Gary Penhaligon and Andy Parr in their new roles at the club and im sure everyone is looking forward to next season.

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