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Which teams will do better  

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With the leagues merging next year was wondering peoples thoughts on which teams will do better! Those from FHFL or teams from the mining leagues!

In my opinion the mining league standard is like the scottish league compared to the premiership for those in FHFL. Couple of good teams but the rest havent got much!!

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Cant see many people not voting for their own league. Played in Mining league for one season many years ago and it was awful but that said some of the Fal/Hel teams are not that great. The mining league has probably improved since my time. People will say that Mining league is better cos Illogan won the Junior Cup west section but dont think that can be a good measure.

My guess is that it will be competitive between 3 or 4 clubs in each league as always.

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pending all these team are still in it next year it will be


2nd...st buryan

3rd...falmouth athletic


5th...st agnes

obviously alot of players will be coming and going next year from all these sides so its hard to really say but thats my guess :clapper:

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it will be a close competition between all clubs next season, if Athletic go combo i can only really see Illogan winning the top league as they have won mining 1 for the last 3 years and have shown consistency at the highest level, no 1 that i can think of have been in the top 2 or 3 for the same period of time. the rest of the leagues is anybodies guess, with players ending up in the lower leagues they might move up higher to play a better standard, having never played mining fooyball myself i cant really comment on mining league sides.

I havent voted as i would rather just play against the new sides that i can now, regardless of how teams have done this year, next year will be a different prosopect all together, good luck to all mining and fhl sides in next years merger, its guna be a good 1 :c:

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i have been involved with wendron 4ths in mining 3 , we finnished the season in 5th with 57 points. our 3rd team played in helston/falmouth 3 and have finnished in mutch the same place but only making 47 points. our points in f/h league would of got us promotion :clapper::smiley20:

Surely that only serves to indicate the competitiveness of the leagues

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