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Having played against Lovey as a Gulval player and with him at Marazion Combo I can say he is a guy you want with you not against you. Wind up merchant with you...pain in the bum against you. Close marker strong in the air and funny to talk to in the game. I can evn remember when that headband had hair to keep back, but then even The Gaffer (Darren Troon) was flying into everything and everyone with a speed and passion that you would be proud of.

Enjoy the retirement Rich, and stuff Call of Duty. I hope he play's a bit of 5-a-side to keep the juices flowing!

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By far the best captain I ever played under , fantastic player reading of the game second to non and his organising was just incredible I always joked that it was like he had a playstation controller in his hands and he just operated us! The year we won the league we had a great side but Lovey was the only player that was irreplaceable , I'm sure Darren would agree.Enjoy your family mate and maybe we can play some vets soon. :drink:

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