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After watching the Real Madrid v Barcelona game, it re-ignited my hatred for Alves, and was on an overall basis, disappointing. I was sooo glad that Alves did not get sent off, as hopefully he will play in the next game, and get a yellow, keeping him from the final. Pleeeaaaasssseeee, if there is a god!!!

What a cheat he is.

And the overall crap that was produced by this game. Two of the greatest club teams in the world, churning up a game full of handbags and feigning injury. Ruining what is our beautiful game. Thank you, Messi, for giving us some absolute class in the end.

I am an Arsenal fan. Barcelona deservedly beat us. So many great players. But in all honestly, I hope ManU give them a thumping in the final. I admire all things good about the game we all passionately love. But I despise the crap that is constantly delivered with it nowadays.

I see ManU, and English teams as a whole (knowing that the top teams are all full of foreign players) tend not to dish up as much crap as the European teams. Not to say it isn't there, but now that Ronaldo is not a ManU, they are largely a working team who just go get the job done. And I admire that.

In my opinion, they would be deserving winners of the Champions League this year (as well as the Premier League too in fact).

Please get Alves out of the final.........

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Wednesday night's match (and the subsequent name-calling and bitching since) between Real and Barca was/is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with football at the moment.

The semi-final should've been a platform for the best two sides in Europe to showcase the special footballing talents they both posess. Instead, we got two sides that were more intent on acting like schoolkids and trying to get the upperhand in the game by taking 'professionalism' to extreme levels!

Some of the actions of players from BOTH sides was embarassing to watch, and they've both got history....

Real -

Ramos & Alonso deliberately getting sent off in game 5 of groups to use their suspension in the last group game, not later knockout rounds.

Marcelo celebrating like he'd just lost his cherry, when Crouchie got sent off in the 1/4 finals.

Barca -

Busquets - Going down like he'd shot against Inter in Semi-final last year.

Busquets - Going down holding his face when HE was climbing over the back of Marcelo in Wednesday's game

Surrounding the ref and demanding a yellow card for Van Persie in this year's last 16 match in the Nou Camp

Whilst these two sides are not the only culprits of the so-called 'dark arts of football', they do represent the best chance for FIFA/UEFA to show that kind of behaviour is not wanted in football. Ban Busquets/Alves/Pedro/Marcelo/Pepe/Mascherano/Ramos from not only the 2nd leg, but also the final. Players would soon start to learn if they started to miss important games because they are acting like spoilt kids.

For me, what highlighted the situation even more, was when I sat down and watched the BBC2 documentary about Sir Bobby Charlton on Thursday evening. To see someone who loves football so much, and to hear him talk so passionately about everything he did in his career and yet be so humble and act with such dignity and class, makes you wonder where it all went wrong!

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Heard a great quote yesterday from none other than JASON CUNDY! We have the game we deserve, or that FIFA deserve. By regularly letting cheating go massivly unpunished this is what happens. But what did we expect from a game involving Mourinho, the guy has talent like Ozil, Alonso, Ronaldo Higuain, Di Maria, Kaka, Benzema available yet who is the main focus of his game plan...PEPE. That man is an embarrassment to all things Real Madrid!

Until FIFA begin to punish people like Alves, Busquests, Pedro, Marcelo, Ronaldo and thousands of others then this is what will happen in big games

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Agreed! It seems we all agree that "our beautiful game" is in danger of being ruined by this horrible cheating. Being a neutral now, I just hope the final is a great game, as it should be. I guess it will be ManU v Barca, can't see any different...

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I have to say for once I agree with Spurfect, Marcelo is an absolute disgrace he is one of the sneeky players that has a dig or a stamp off the ball all the time I have watched him many times this season and he has been lucky to not have been sent off in most of them. Pepe is the same and you wonder if that is the mourinho influence...

Tuesdays game will be exactly the same with mourinho stirring up the shit and players feigning injuries and trying to get players sent off but as always fifa will do nothing..... just a fine here and there, what use is that to 2 clubs as rich as them.

The game at the Camp nou earlier in the season was all that is great with football with Barce winning 5-0, the games since then have been nothing but scrappy fiestiy affairs with only the odd bit of brilliance.

With all the off the ball stuff that goes on surely the 5th and 6th official (is that the stupidist thing fifa have ever come up with) should be able to see what goes on...

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