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Treyew Road or Trevassack Park

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Bovey - flippin - Tracey!

for St Blazey's massive SWPL clash.

Bit peed off to miss the Senior Cup Final. I know of at least 20 connected with St Blazey who would normally be watching the Senior Cup final, but who have to travel to Devon today.

This is something the SWPL need to think about. No reason our Bovey match couldn't have been played yesterday.

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I think CFA missed a trick here - they could have requested (after the fixture change was denied) that this match (Truro v Weymouth) kick off at midday or an evening match instead.

We'll just have to see what the announced attendances are before drawing a conclusion.

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approx attendance at hayle was 960.both junior and senior cup finals were hard fought games and the winner was football. all 4 teams in the finals did there clubs proud and were a credit to county football.thanks to all the county officials who attended and i hope they were satisfied with the hard work that was put in by everybody at hayle fc.it was both a pleasure and a honor to have hosted such a prestigious event.thanks to everybody who made it a great day.

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