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Massey's Mutterings - April 20th 2011

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The latest "Mutterings" are up and showing and surprise, surprise, Steve couldn't help but air his thoughts about the Camelford v Callington recent abandoned game ....."I personally would like to see an enquiry by the governing bodies. This could be overseen by the SWPL, only because the Cornish FA, WHO SHOULD order an enquiry, will never get around to it!"

For more on this and the rest of his page, take a look at "Massey's Mutterings - April 20th 2011"

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Bodmin 3-2 show that Bodmin still have the heart of years gone by to come from 2 nil down to win 3-2 without some key players none more than kev miller shows this, hope to see your congratulations mr massey to the Bodmin players and coaching staff that you put down time and time again, but I won't hold my breath,

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